Waterfall Scenic Area

Tiantai Mountain Waterfall Scenic Area is located at the western foot of Tongbai Mountain in Tiantai. The main waterfall has a total drop of 325 meters and a maximum width of 90 meters. It is a rare high-drop water cascade waterfall group, which can be called the highest waterfall in China. The Great Falls Scenic Area is centered on the cultural theme of Shixiandao, creating a core leading scenic spot with great visual shock and cultural influence. The total area is 11.31 square kilometers, including the Great Falls Block, Jiulong Lake Block, Tongbai Palace Block, Qiongtai Xiangu District It is a large mountain that integrates canyon landscape, waterfall landscape, suspended plank road, fashion experience, and fairy road culture into one piece. Several points are connected by observation elevators, cable bridges, glass suspension bridges, and Jinting Lake greenway. Type scenic spot.